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To start with, we must discuss the signs that show who is satan.

The most obvious sign is that they are satan. but there are other ways of telling, such as the cosumption of guenea pigs (this behaviour is excused in Southern America, becausethere aren't always enough gophers to go around), the ability to drink monkey semen without a twist of lemon, or the ability to fly like a penis on a motorcycle. watch carefully, and submit your entries to the guestbook.
Also, we have a bible called the Skabeeble

The Who Is Satan? Guestbook
When signing the guestbook, use: "Another Satan" as the subject heading to avoid confusion, and i will compile a list of satans below

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List of Satans
1) Connie from the AOL adverts

2) Pikachu

3) Jesus

4) The woman on page 2( Question 4) of the NEAB GCSE Maths Higher Tier Paper 2 (Syllabus A & B) for Tuesday 15 June 1999

5) NOT Barry White! that person is mad! they have no sense of reality, and their monkey has been seen sleeping with Natalie Portman!

6) Ronald McDonald

7) Fred Durst

8) Figs




Why Jesus is satan and a load of other things that we shouldn't believe 4 some odd reason
What we should'nt beleive!