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stuf wot we is interested into
This is a section where u can see what type of music we like, our hobbies, etc. I'm gonna get the others to do theirs eventually, so watch this space

Mathew's Stuff
Hey guys! well, ure probably bored already, but who cares? Hav sum caffiene, that'll perk u up! Neway, i basically like stuff. this often includes playin my geetar, listenin 2 music, goin on the net, n generally pissin about with my m8s (spesh in Chester :-). Oh, n readin, fishin, n keepin fish. My fave bands are, in no particular order (long list cummin up!):

Reel Big Fish
New Found Glory
Fenix TX
Green Day
Blink 182
Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne
SUM 41
Marilyn Manson
The Beatles
Mad Caddies
The Offspring
Guns n Roses
Foo Fighters
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Jimi Hendrix
Less Than Jake
The Ataris
The Living End
Iron Maiden
Link 80
Ugly Kid Joe
The White Stripes
Link 80
Hundred Reasons

As u can see, i hav a wide musical taste. If sum1 isnt on the list, chances are i just havent heard em yet! n sorry if i repeated ne, i dont got such a gud memory!

Update: I've been pissin about customising my guitar recently, and have managed to copletely and i mean completely fuck up the electronics. If any1 kno's how to rewire a Squier Strat (or my own personal Limp Queer Strat variant) please email me @ the usual address. On the upside, i'm gonna fit a Screamin'Demon soon and ive radically altered the scratchplate, which is gonna b green in a few days. If i ever get a digital camera i'll put sum pix up, but those bitches r expensive so don't hold your breath! (unless ure kinky like that)
All's Stuff
Hello you crazy crazy people!!!! I don't know why the hell you lot would want to know about me but this is customery on a website (If this thing can be called a website) Sooooooooooooo here we go baby!! I am 16...4 months till I'm 17!! driving here we come!!! I see a disaster on the horizon! I play the best instrument in the world!! (a guitar for you non-beleivers out there) and play in a band which is called flail (although that name will have to go if i have my way!) Like any rock music apart from nu-metal!! slipknot die!!! actually I like any music apart from nu-metal and pop!! egh! I do ju-jutsu and judo, which can be used to kick a lot of ass from time to time! Umm there is quite a bit more to say but its either embarrasing or just plain stupid!! So thats my boring life well a bit of it for you!! enclosed above is a pic of me in the future
Little Richard
Here soon shall lie the remains of the mind of Mr Dutton, an amazing womaniser/mad bastard :-P Update: Okay i said soon, but he's still not done it. If he ever does, take cover!

well i dont personally see what youve got against me Bob?! maybe i am abit of a womeniser/mad bastard but i am a nice person in reality, when the cover is pulled from your eyes and the light shall shine through you will see................oh yes you will see that....erm.....what was it again?! erm.......ah fuck it right?! OH YEAH! women are good! women is the key...... and maybe woman in a short while, but i feel with all my heart, no hands(!) that many women is the future of me
but i dont wont to dwell on the fact that i like women, so ill go coz ive got nowt else to talk about but ill let you know if i have got anything worth saying about.
bye for now