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We made this page cos we realised th@ despite giving you an insight into the workings of our dtressed, feeble, relaxed, and above all outsane minds, we havent sed much about us as fully-malfunctioning people. so here we are, in word form. Enjoy (i reely use th@ ending 2 much, dont i?)

Who We Are
I'll start with all the buffallo ppl (peeps who have access 2 the site 4 alteration, etc.)
They are:
Mathew (Robi, Bob, Tibor, little camp eskimo)
Richard (Dutton, Bert, Barry White)
Allan (Al, Cyril, Allywallan the milky salmon-flavoured dildo)
Storm (We just call her storm (Tho sum of us would like to call her other things ;-)
Liz (Liz, Beryll)
Then there's the REMs, who r our m8s:
Andrew (Andy, Procter, Head Boy, REM 0.5a)
James (Ollier, Jolly Ollier, REM 0.5B)
Hayley (Hay, Hayleee, ickle haylee)
Karen (Kaz, Mad Punker, Kazzlefrazzle)
Ann-Marie (Ann, Smee)
Robi is also a REM, & Al is on probation

N The INSIDERS!, who get to sit inside @ lunch (>:-( :
David (Wadie, Johnny Deanes Boy)
Annie (Aaanie, annieboo)
Jenny (Jennyboo)
Dutton also be an insider, but he's a buffallo so it evens out.

Wot we do
Now u know who we r, but what do we do (other than fill a website with oddish madness)? The answer is many, many things. well, a few. When we can be bothered. And aren't busy. Neway, there is a wide variety of activities 4 us 2 slack at, so mostly we hang out in Chester over the weekends. @ skool, however, its a different story. the REMs all hang out outside, the insiders stay in their cosy little whorehouse (the skool) n piss about, n Liz n Storm go2 a completely different skool in England or Wales sumwhere called Queens n we only get 2 see em @ weekends in Chester :-( . Other than that, we do fuck all. in a group. truly amazing


So now you know who we are! So please don't hunt us down in a mob and kill us? pwetty pwease? with a cherry on top?